Friday, 20 March 2015

Radio Recuerdo XENL 680 AM

Stream URL (updated 4 January 2016):
Clickable .pls file:

Radio Recuerdo is like an on-air time capsule. Good old-fashioned AM radio, its mic presence, commercials, station IDs, and best of all music, sound like they haven't changed in 57 years of broadcasting to north-central Mexico. Even its low-band (24 kbps) online stream has a tubey, mid-20th century AM vibe.

During the day the music is interspersed with news on the hour and lots of adverts, plus a few blocks of religious or public service talk. But in local evening it's virtually all music; very few commercials, and only canned station IDs and robotic temperature announcements. All else is the neatest stream of Spanish oldies we've found. In the words of the station's Facebook page: "La mejor música del ayer, música con historia."

And that's about it for Recuerdo's net presence; its only other pages are a brief blurb and a Flash player on the website of the media syndicate that owns it.

The XENL stream fails very occasionally, making iTunes skip abruptly to the next station. But even then it rarely goes down; just hiccups. Click on it again, and you'll find the station's still there.

As we're only an hour off Monterrey time, Recuerdo is one of our favourite night-time stations. Just click it in, dim the lights, and enjoy that buttery-smooth Spanish MOR of old.

The Gouge:

Genre: Spanish language radio, Mexican radio
Location: Monterrey
Time zone: GMT – 6 (Central Time)
Stream URL access: Fair
Bouncer: No
Type of radio: Broadcast
Mic presence: Day and early evening
Stream reliability: Good
Format selection: MP3 24 kbps, onsite Flash player
Song ID: No
Found it on: Yourmuze

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