Monday, 2 March 2015

CKOI 96,9

As of 4 December 2015 this stream is definitively broken. Please contact us if you have a valid stream URL for this station. In the meantime, its website player is still operational. 

Stream URLs (UPDATED AS OF 7 June 2015):
Clickable .pls file:

French-language commercial broadcast radio from Montréal, with sister stations across French Canada. CKOI is the big rock station in town, playing Top 40 hits to the youth market in French and English. Raucous "morning gang" programming during local morning commute; station-produced parody tunes and comedy during local evening commute.

The French-language music is virtually all Canadian (best on the planet, in our opinion).

Of particular note:
  • Le Décompte Franco (The Francophone Top 40), Sundays, 2300 - 0200 GMT (1800 to 2100 local).
CKOI is one of those stations that inexplicably hides its stream URLs from potential listeners. Worse yet, it has a tendency to kill them without notice, forcing IRLs back to Google for a working address. The .pls file linked above works as of 7 June 2015; to load the station, or replace a dead URL, download a copy of the .pls file here.

Double-clicking on this file loads CKOI automatically in iTunes. If ineffective on your technology, crack the .pls file with a text editor or word processor (File--->Open---> select .pls file). Manually add one of the URLs inside to your net radio application.

And of course, there's always the station's own Web player.

The Gouge:

Genre: French language radio, Canadian radio
Location: Canada
Time zone: GMT – 5 (Eastern Time)
Stream URL access: Poor
Bouncer: No
Type of radio: Broadcast
Mic presence: Yes
Stream reliability: Good (stable, but occasionally goes 404.)
Format selection: AAC only
Song ID: Yes
Found it on: Yourmuze

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