Thursday, 26 February 2015

Radio Caroline

Stream URL: (AAC; many alternatives available on the listen page.)

Mi Amigo kleine
Mi Amigo, Radio Caroline's first studio ship

Probably the most famous of the 1960s offshore pirates, Radio Caroline now broadcasts (legally!) from dry land to the whole world, via livestream. As "Europe's First Album Station", Caroline's new Web-based service streams an eclectic mix of oldies, adult contemporary, hard rock, and roots music. She's one of the rare net-only stations to have live mic presence, as well as pre-recorded and automated blocks; some shifts feature original DJs from the pirate era, in the usual welter of accents from around the English-speaking world.

As the most well-planned, well-designed, and ambitious net radio station to date, Radio Caroline boasts one of the most up-front listen pages (with a spectrum of formats and bitrates; several in-browser Flash-based players; and a string of mobile apps); comprehensive website; and plans for an on-air broadcast service when someone can convince the UK government to grant a license.

The live blocks are mostly scheduled sporadically during local day. For old-fashioned interactive mic presence (on net-only radio!), check out 60's and 70's Request Show, Tuesdays at 2100 GMT.

So swing by. The Ship That Rocks is off the sea, and on the stream.

The Gouge:

Genre: Pirate radio, UK radio
Location: UK
Time zone: GMT + 0 (Western European Time)
Stream URL access: Excellent
Bouncer: No
Type of radio: Net-only
Mic presence: Live, pre-recorded, and automated blocks
Stream reliability: High
Format selection: Windows Media Player (.asx); RealPlayer (.ram); M3U (iTunes etc.); MP3, in a full range of bit rates
Song ID: No
Found it on: Virtual Radio (mobile app)

Recipient of the Clear Crystal Award! (Graphic pending.)

Ross Revenge, Caroline's
 final studio ship

(Photo of Ross Revenge courtesy of Mark Hawkins; photo of Mi Amigo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and a generous photographer.)


  1. Like most stations some pre-recorded shows, but much of Radio Carolines programming is 'Live'. Well worth a listen if you are a serious music fan.

  2. Have just been apprised of the "live" blocks; will soon be editing the post to reflect that! Cheers!

  3. Nothing to do with the famous free offshore Radio Caroline from high seas...

  4. In fact it does. Check it out:

  5. "Free offshore Radio Caroline from high seas"...


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