Thursday, 16 July 2015

Beatles Radio

Stream URL:

At first glance, Beatles Radio seems to have an implausible business model: they only play Beatles music. When you figure Beatlemania only lasted 10 years, you'd think they'd've run out of product long ago.

But when you add up all the various versions of the Beatles' own catalogue… in-house BR remixes … covers by other artists… other Apple acts… the solo acts... things their kids recorded… tracks on which a Beatle performed back-up… stuff recorded by other people that they wrote, arranged, or produced… you do indeed have an immense, eclectic -- and growing -- body of work. Throw in news and listener interest content, personality patter, infrequent plugs for the Beatles Fab 4 Store, and those near-universal canned adverts, and what's left sounds remarkably like old-school small town radio… if your local station had played nothing but Beatles-related music. (Which, as those who were there will remember, wasn't actually that far from the truth…)

The BR listener page offers a range of connection choices, including a "B" channel that runs on staggered time, several mobile apps, and an executable M3U playlist file.

So if you dig the Beatles, pop music history, or the ongoing development of this new medium, swing by Beatles Radio. Sound of the past, wave of the future.

The Gouge:

Genre: Canadian radio
Location: Vancouver
Time zone: NA
Stream URL access: Excellent
Bouncer: No
Type of radio: Net-only
Mic presence: Pre-recorded (?)
Stream reliability: Excellent
Format selection: MP3 128 kbps, pop-up Flash player
Song ID: Yes
Found it on: iTunes Internet Radio catalogue

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