Friday, 1 May 2015

Radio Burgenland

Stream URL:

This fun station is the Burgenland regional service of Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austria's national public radio network. Aside from the usual hourly news and smattering of public-interest spoken-word programming, Radio Burgenland broadcasts for the most part a stunningly eclectic selection of music. At any given moment, listeners risk encountering American classic country; German sea chanteys (Austria once had a navy); zydeco (sometimes also in German!); German-language pop from all eras; classic rock in several languages; and J-Pop, to name just a handful.

The daylight format is essentially a multilingual, slightly hipper iteration of MOR; after local 2000 the programme becomes "Schlagernacht", more or less the same thing in German.

It all adds up to a music-lover's dream. IRLs who enjoy discovering new favourite songs and genres, as well as those who speak or are learning German, will find a favourite in Radio Burgenland.

The ORF listen page offers a 192 kbps MP3 stream, and also a WMA feed, though URL access is a bit problematic; listeners have to click on the "Mehr Radioangebote" link next to the Radio Burgenland entry on the affiliate list; links to clickable url files are at the top of the menu that opens.

The Gouge:

Genre: Austrian radio, German-language radio
Location: Burgenland
Time zone: GMT + 1 (Central European Time)
Stream URL access: Fair
Bouncer: No
Type of radio: Broadcast
Mic presence: Hourly news, some talk programmes
Stream reliability: Excellent
Format selection: MP3 192 kbps; WMA; embedded player
Song ID: Only on embedded player
Found it on: TuneIn

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